jk pallets

Types of products we have

A wide range of Wooden Packages and Wooden Joinery Works are being offered with the use of our SawMill Facility which can exceptionally craft logs to any sizes and shapes.

jk pallets

Our Journey

Jodiawala and Khambatis joined hands to establish a state-of-art wooden packaging solution in Pakistan capable of catering to all business and domestic needs.

With an experience of more than 100 years in the field of timber sales under its watch, Jodiawala is among the pioneers of softwood import in Pakistan. It is one of most trusted brands that has been importing woods from Europe, North America, Russia and Baltic countries for over a century now.

Until recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had been the main market for Khambatis. With hands on experience of more than 15 years of operation excellence in the Kingdom, Khambatis are well positioned to diverse the circumference of their operations i.e. Wooden Packaging expertise by expanding it to Pakistan and new frontiers. Thus, both companies decided to work with a combine expertise under the name and design of JK Packaging which is the combination of two masters who know about the industry and art of wood for generations. JK is determined to bring innovative solutions to the industry needs in Pakistan with a high quality wooden packaging products.